WAV - A Windows format for sound files.

Webcast - A broadcast of live video or audio on the Internet.

WebDAV Realm - A region of a Website, usually a folder or directory, that is defined to provide access for WebDAV users and groups.

WebDAV Web - based Distributed Authoring and Versioning-A live authoring environment that allows client users to check out Web pages, make changes, and then check them back in while a site is running.

WebObjects Builder - A tool used to graphically edit WebObjects components.

WECA (Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance) - An organization that controls Wi-Fi interoperability (www.wirelessethernet.org).

Wi-Fi - An alternative name for the 802.11 HR DSSS standard.

Wildcard - A range of possible values for any segment of an IP address.

Window Burn - Visual timecode and keycode information superimposed onto video frames. It usually appears on a strip at the bottom or top of the frame, providing code information to the editor without obscuring any of the picture.

Window - With mouse-based applications, one or more areas on the screen showing one or more documents at a time.

WINS (Windows Internet Naming Service) - A name resolution service used by Windows computers to match client names with IP addresses. A WINS server can be located on the local network or externally on the Internet.

Wireless LAN - A logically separate network that provides all the functionality of a wired LAN without the physical constraints of the wire itself. A wireless LAN connects to a wired network through a physical base station. The base station communicates to the computers on that network through airwaves using radio frequency data transmission techniques, as compared with wired LANs that communicate through physical wire.

Wireless Node - A computer or network device with a wireless network interface card adapter.

Word Processing Application - A type of application designed to make writing and editing easier and faster.

Word Wraparound - In some word processing applications, the automatic jump to the start of the next line bringing the word you're typing with it when the cursor reaches the right margin, without your pressing Return.

Workgroup - A set of users for whom you define preferences and privileges as a group. Any preferences you define for a group are stored in the group account.

Workprint - A positive copy of the original camera negative, cut to provide a record and prototype of the creative edit. In traditional filmmaking, the workprint is edited first, and then used by the negative cutter as a guide for cutting the original camera negative. In digital filmmaking, a workprint is usually used to verify the cut list and to create a prototype of the film to view on a big screen before conforming the negative. Sometimes called a work pix or cut pix.

World Wide Web - A system of linked servers that distribute pages of hypertext HTML, graphics, and multimedia information to users all over the world. Frequently shortened to the Web.

Write-Enable Notch - A small, square cutout in the upper-right corner of a 5.25-inch disk or the small, square hole in the upper-right corner of a 3.5-inch disk that indicates whether or not information can be recorded on the disk.

Write-Protect Tab - A piece of tape that you can use to cover the write-enable notch on a 5.25-inch disk so information can't be recorded on it. The write-protect tab on a 3.5-inch disk is a small piece of plastic that slides to cover or uncover a square hole in the upper-right side of the disk.

Write-Protect - To prevent changes to the contents of a disk by covering the write-enable notch on a 5.25-inch disk or by sliding the small, plastic tab to uncover the square hole on a 3.5-inch disk. Copy-protect means to prevent someone from duplicating the contents of a disk.

Write - To record information on a disk.